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Name Title Department Phone Email
Pepin, Sean Director of Student Development Student Services (408) 741-2185 sean.pepin@westvalley.edu
Cantarero, Maritza Director of Enrollment and Financial Services Student Services (408) 741-2611 maritza.cantarero@westvalley.edu
Miller, Cheryl Director, Disability and Educational Support Program DESP (408) 741-2620 cheryl.miller@westvalley.edu
Hamp, Herlisa Director of Student Equity & Success Student Services (408) 741-4616 herlisa.hamp@westvalley.edu
Johnson, Elise Component Lead Title III Counseling (408) 741-2606 elise.johnson@westvalley.edu
Forrest, Alfred Director of Health Services Student Health Services (408) 741-2159 alfred.forrest@westvalley.edu
Erickson, Donna Program Director, Foster and Kinship Care Education Program Career Ed/Workforce Development (408) 378-0842 donna.erickson@westvalley.edu
Esmaili, David Director Advanced Transportation Technology & Energy Career Ed/Workforce Development (408) 741-4693 david.esmaili@westvalley.edu
Ludwig, Scott Director of Communications/PIO Marketing/Communications 408.741.2031 scott.ludwig@westvalley.edu
Marquez, Virginia Director, Extended Opportunity Programs and Services (EOPS) EOPS (408) 741–2593 virginia.marquez@westvalley.edu
McDevitt, Joe Supervisor, Outreach / Student Recruitment Admissions & Records (408) 741-4643 joe.mcdevitt@westvalley.edu
Conroy, Mae Child Studies Instructor; Career Ed/Workforce Development; Director Off Campus and Special Programs Child Studies (408) 378-0841 mae.conroy@wvm.edu
last published: 11/22/17